Parklands Baptist School

The term “Kindergarten” (currently referred to as Pre Primary) is translated as ‘a garden for children’—a space where children engage in learning through play. The early years play a crucial role in establishing the foundation for a child’s academic success, extending into their adulthood.
There is compelling evidence indicating that a child’s education and care significantly influence their health, well-being, and competence throughout their lifetime. Throughout their time at Kindergarten, children explore and cultivate a diverse range of skills and experiences.

Our adept teachers create a vibrant and nurturing environment that stimulates and supports each child’s individual development. We are dedicated to aiding children in gaining a heightened awareness of the world they are a part of. Time spent at Kindergarten reinforces a child’s confidence, personal skills, and provides an opportunity for all children to develop a robust sense of self.

Aligned with national regulations, laws, and the Parklands Baptist School framework, which incorporates Christian values and virtues, as well as cultural elements, our programs are grounded. Quality learning experiences serve as the foundation for the development of literacy, numeracy, learning behavior, and future opportunities.
P.B.S Kindergarten offers a profound sense of belonging, being, and becoming, fostering an environment where children can flourish.

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