About PB Junior Secondary

At PBS our infrastructure has been developed and implemented in a way that incorporates health and safety standards for our learners with a focus on their development.

Our class rooms are up to standard, can hold up to a maximum of 35 pupils comfortably.

Our outdoor features are rated the best within the Westlands sub county. We boast of spacious parking lot area, play grounds and sports equipment, path walks, secure fencing with electric features among others.

We have ensured that learning spaces are easy to navigate with an ambience that stimulates learning with incorporating color in the classrooms and the play areas.

We have made great strides in the technology area with internet accessibility in all the classrooms and labs and all areas within the school building, with digital teaching aids in the classrooms

With emerging issues like covid -19 pandemic, it illustrated the need to invest in technology as a very critical tool to ensure continued learning.

With amenities such as enough washroom areas, hand wash stations, dining area for the learners, clean drinking water stations, spacious and well-lit classrooms and labs; our focus is on the following

  1. Buiding & premise Maintenance, regular survey, inspection and evaluations of the facility and improvements
  2. Space management
    This is to enable us to incorporate our vast indoor and outdoor activities for our kindergarten, primary and junior Secondary school levels
  3. Sustainablity and environment improvements
    We practice responsible resource management and planning for any risks that can harm our learners
  4. Capital planning
    This it to help us with general infrastructure improvements for the existing facility and also to enable us meet expansion needs as with the case of our upcoming Junior Secondary School section building structure with various integrated labs. Music rooms, home science room, library, meeting rooms among others.
  5. Health & safety compliance
    Our facility adheres to these guidelines i.e., in the classrooms, play grounds, labs, walk paths and our sports equipment.
  1. Technology advancement
    Set up of software solutions i.e., ERP to enhance our teaching environments and to support our learners’ outcomes and the tutors as well as improve our processes
  2. Emergency Protocols
    With well labelled hose reels, smoke alarms & extinguishers with open exits that are clearly labelled
  3. Security
    CCTV, Restricted access in to the premises with guards stationed at strategic arears.
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